Financing Solutions

Commercial Mortgages These mortgages are accessible to a variety of businesses, from sole proprietors to corporations. Lenders typically finance up to 75% of the purchase costs with terms extending up to 30 years. 

The mortgage is usually secured against a first charge, and affordability is determined by your business’s profitability and its capacity to meet monthly payments.

Property Development Finance This type of finance is generally a short-term loan used for the development of a new construction project or the refurbishment of an existing property. Lenders aim to advance up to 70% of the gross development value, with terms that can extend up to 24 months.

Portfolio Finance This is a long-term business loan offered to property investors who own multiple rental properties. The lender provides the option to consolidate borrowing into a single loan. The serviceability of this loan is based on rental income.

Bridging Finance If you favor fixed returns secured by an underlying asset within shorter timescales, Crown Developments’ bridge loan products could be perfect for you. 

These typically last for three to 12 months and serve as an interim funding solution for property developers to achieve near-term strategic objectives before the primary financing is arranged.

Mezzanine Finance This is a hybrid form of finance that merges aspects of debt financing and equity investment. Mezzanine finance often aids property developers in reducing their cash flow requirement, thereby enabling them to finance projects that would typically necessitate a larger capital share. 

If you prefer investments with fixed returns secured by an underlying asset within longer timescales of 12 to 36 months, then Crown Developments’ mezzanine loan products might be suitable for you. 

Mezzanine loans are generally used by property developers who require additional capital for a construction or development project but do not wish to relinquish their equity and are content to take a lower position in the funding structure. 

These loans typically last throughout the project and for up to 36 months.